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kymbos says...

Awww, a brand new baby sifter! How cute! Welcome.

I remember my first days - I tried to replied to a comment and ended up commenting on my own page.

jonny says...

No, that's not it. Next to the video is a number with an up arrow above it and a down arrow below it. Clicking the up arrow votes for the video, the down arrow votes against it. When a video gets a net total of 10 votes, it gets "sifted", or published, to the front page. You won't be able to down vote videos until you get a bronze star for sifting 25 videos. You can use the promote invocation on your own videos if you have two power points (the number in brackets next to your username at the top right of each page). Using a promote on someone else's video requires a gold star (100 sifted videos). Read the FAQ and Member privileges for a lot more info.

In reply to this comment by taranimator:
*promote <-- (hoping that's how I vote for things..?)

bareboards2 says...

You can vote for your own video, yes! Go for it!

There are certain things you can't "vote" -- can't upvote comments, I don't think. Vids, you can vote to your heart's content.

http://videosift.com/starpower This is a page I go to all the time. I still struggle with what I can do or not do. You can get to this by going to FAQ, scroll about 1/3 down to the list of stars, then the link is below that to get to this page.


I "promoted" your vid to the front page -- maybe we can snag enough votes to get you out of P.

In reply to this comment by taranimator:
Yes, that's it! I do see it now .. hee hee..
But I don't think I'm allowed to vote on anything yet -- do you vote for your own vids?

I understand it takes a couple of days and then if you don't get enough upvotes it just goes back to your queue.. and I need to keep attempting to get enough votes on something to lose my "P" status, hehe..

This is a really great community. I've been an avid watcher for years but never posted anything.


>> ^bareboards2:

Is this it?
You haven't even voted for it yourself!

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