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taranimator says...

wait, who in the what now?
Are you talking about that "Storm" vid? haha!
where would I go to see what happened to it?
what a fluke! right up there with the barfing choirboy!

>> ^bareboards2:

Jeesh! Are you going to hit number ONE???!!!???
Noob, you are golden!

taranimator says...

Oh! weird! I found it through a search and I saw this at the end of the comments :

"This published video has been declared non-functional; embed code must be fixed within 2 days or it will be sent to the dead pool - declared dead by kulpims."

But I guess if it works, then that doesn't matter at all..

kymbos says...

Awww, a brand new baby sifter! How cute! Welcome.

I remember my first days - I tried to replied to a comment and ended up commenting on my own page.

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