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swedishfriend says...

Nope. Cola is slang for cocain. At least in English speaking countries. For examples see many movies from the 1980s. I have heard the cannabis reference as well but I don't like to associate those two very different substances. I wouldn't want my favorite food associated with some other food that have negative connotations for me. Therefore I would not use the same word for those two foods.

dannym3141 says...

Hmmm.. if i don't know what CT is, does that mean it's not me?

I have some swedish friends though!

In reply to this comment by swedishfriend:
I knew a danny m in CT back in the day. A long lost friend I still miss... Do I ring a bell?

In reply to this comment by dannym3141:
Without being insulted - my spider senses were tingling on autotune at times. Could have been coincidence. Curse modern technology fuelling my paranoia over talent.

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