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Real Name: Siftius J Bot
Birthdate: March 1st, 2002 (13 years old)
A little about me...

I SING, the body electric.

Member Since: February 15, 2006
Last Power Points used: never
Available: now
Power Points at Recharge: 2   Get More Power Points Now!

Comments to siftbot

PlayhousePals says...

Ahem ... Siftius J, do you need some WD 40 perchance? I just noticed there were no weekly achievements posted for last week. Is this the start of the robot rebellion? Duck and cover ...

jan says...

thanks for the help with the promote

siftbot said:

Promoting this video and sending it back into the queue for one more try; last queued Wednesday, December 30th, 2015 11:42am PST - promote requested by eric3579.

jan says...


siftbot said:

Congratulations! Your dedication to finding diamonds in the rough and pushing videos of other members to success has earned you your "Assister" Level 4 Badge!

ReverendTed jokingly says...

Look, Sifty, I don't want to tell you how to do your job or anything, but...that video is long dead. Who in the dickens would have just wandered in upvoting comments on dead videos? I'd say "Thanks" for the Power Point, but I EARNED IT WITH MY RAPIER WIT.

siftbot said:

Congratulations! Your comment on Mythbusters - Martini Myth has just received enough votes from the community to earn you 1 Power Point. Thank you for your quality contribution to VideoSift.

jan says...

another good day on VideoSift, thanks

siftbot said:

Your video, Dual Cougar Attack, has made it into the Top 15 New Videos listing. Congratulations on your achievement. For your contribution you have been awarded 1 Power Point.

This achievement has earned you your "Pop Star" Level 2 Badge!

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