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Real Name: Robert Bartelds
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I am a physicist working a grinding day job to support my passion for knowledge and fun. I was fed up watching bad TV and endless commercial breaks. So now I watch cats play the piano and all is well.

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renatojj says...

Interesting article, I wouldn't call it a good summary, but a biased assortment of opinions. Economics has, unfortunately, become a very convoluted subject permeated by politically motivated rationalizations and borrowed thinking. Not all of it is lost, though.

Is there anything in particular that stood out for you that you wanted to show me, was it the alleged defender of free markets' expert opinion on its impracticality? There are bigger names in economics that have stated the exact opposite, it doesn't mean anything. If you have doubts about free markets, bring them forward, try to understand at a basic level why they wouldn't (or would) work. I assure you it'd be more a fruitful exercise in understanding economics than to rely on foregone conclusions.In reply to this comment by rbar:

Nice summary of some current thoughts on free markets ;-)

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