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blankfist says...

Yeah, I noticed that when I was self-employed (read that as being a freelancer), my taxes went way up. I now owe back taxes. It becomes difficult to remain solvent. It's like the high taxes are there to discourage people from competing with the larger companies, and I've almost caved multiple times and gone back to working for corporations. I shudder to think.

And then there's the problem of where your money is spent. It's not locally generally. A lot of it goes to wars and death. I'd much rather spend locally and help those I have a chance of encountering daily.

In reply to this comment by peggedbea:
being self-employed may or may not be turning me into a libertarian. i feel like i'd rather take 20% of my income and just hand it over directly to my elderly neighbors than send it to the pilfering sociopaths in washington. ... i'm currently researching the best ways to commit tax evasion.

lucky760 says...

In reply to this comment by peggedbea:
hey lucky,
we were just discussing this in the lounge and i was asked to run it past you:
there are quite a few talented artists on the sift.... so we were thinking about some kind of gallery days for vs artists to display their arts for all of sift-kind to marvel at and feel inspired by and maybe purchase if both parties felt like making the transaction. like.. some kind of virtual gallery party?
i don't know the best way to go about this, because while i'm certainly a nerd on a computer, i'm not the computery kind of nerd. i'm not sure if it's even possible. but the lounge is in favor of it at the moment. and it sounds neato.

let us know what you think,

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