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siftbot says...

Congratulations on reaching new heights on VideoSift. You have earned yourself 25 stars, earning you status of Silver Star member. You have been awarded 1 Power Point for achieving this level. Thanks for all your contributions.

Fletch says...

Yes, it is...

Just remember to remove all jewelry first. We don't want any accidents attributed to VS now.

In reply to this comment by peggedbea:
hmmmm... i must have also blindly ok'd the part where i was sure i wanted to downvote... wow... its 5am.. im at work... im a CT tech.. my job is to PAY ATTENTION as i click buttons, this is disturbing.

rougy says...

C'mon, baby.

If you want to fly you've got to fly right.

It's just not a sundae without the cherry on top.

In reply to this comment by peggedbea:
wait wait... are you saying well have to get him liquored up and stoned and fat before hell make out with me? either im insulted, or you have the same relationship philosophy as my exhusband. wait, maybe both.

In reply to this comment by rougy:
Hey, I'm game.

If your cerebral cortex brings the hooch, my limbic system will bring the munchies and the weed.

In reply to this comment by peggedbea:
i loooooove him. our brains should make out.

In reply to this comment by rougy:
Gladwll is an excellent writer.

I highly recommend anything of his, especially his New Yorker articles.

gwiz665 says...

Yes, I always wonder what makes a perfectly well-educated reasonable person accept religion. I simply don't see the sense in it.

That's my assessment on the other horsemen too, basically. I'm looking forward to the videos.

No worries about the waiting period, I've got time.

In reply to this comment by peggedbea:
i agree with your assertions on religion, im curious about whats going on with perfectly sane stable people that also have a strong christian faith.

the four horsemen: dawkins and dennet are perfectly adorable. hitchens seems like a miserable bastard alot, but i still think hes pretty ok. harris is pompous. i will make it my mission for the rest of my work weekend to find you some videos of him being arrogant, there was one on here last week. he was talking to tucker carlson, it was unbearable.

sorry it takes me so long to respond. i only internet at my weekend job. i intentionally shut myself from technology and information during the week.

gwiz665 says...

My aim was for all religions also, not just mormonism. I have nothing against mormonism in particular (that I don't have against all other religions too).

When I see someone religious, it seems to me that they have not considered that their faith may be misplaced. I see organized religion as an evil control mechanism to oppress people, who are seeking hope or peace and who accept it at the cost of their reasoning (on that matter). If a despot could make you believe he is God, then the control is self-sustaining - people will keep each other "in line". The entire priesthood is basically just an oligarchy.

I rather like Sam Harris myself, actually. I think he's pretty level headed and very relaxed in his approach to explain his positions. Do you have some videos where he is more arrogant than here? Because I don't see it.

What is your opinion on some of the other "horsemen": Dawkins, Hitchens?

In reply to this comment by peggedbea:
In reply to this comment by gwiz665:

I also don't see a huge difference in religion and mental illness, but I am an arrogant twit on that point as well, so there..

Im MOSTLY inclined to agree with you, but i cant stop thinking about a handful of fantastic people with strong faith. religious fanaticism is certainly the byproduct of mental illness. and as a jack mormon, ive certainly noticed a correlation between converts and addiction/mental health problems, but im not sure this is unique to the mormon church. i think i will chalk it up to this, it must take an awful strong mind to maintain your faith but not fall pray to "group think" that is responsible for all the sick shit done in the name of religion. ... but then you could argue that the need for religious faith is the lack of a strong mind, i might disagree with you though.

oh, and i dont think sam harris is an arrogant pompous twit because what he said about mormonism, in fact i quite agree with him, i think he is an arrogant pompous twit, because he is arrogant, pompous, and also a twit.

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