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JiggaJonson says...

I often wonder about that and fast food. Maybe you've heard of the cheeseburger bill before, maybe not. And while Super Size Me seemed a bit exaggerated at times the results he was getting from his doctor were SCARY. And while things like cigarettes and alcohol come with warnings from the surgeon general, fast food, in spite of the evidence that it's horrible for you, is protected by the aforementioned bill AND the public is under-educated about how dangerous it really is.

It's just a matter of time before we move on to soylent green for the masses. Oh wait...

In reply to this comment by peggedbea:
the cost of food isn't high enough yet. historically, people are generally complacent with letting the ruling class do whatever as long as they can afford food and expect a reasonably brighter future. i wonder if part of the reason we subsidize agriculture is to keep food prices artificially low longer to avoid social unrest. and then there's fast food. which consistently remains cheap. my paranoid brain is starting to formulate fast food as social control conspiracies. also, google holodomor. and think about monsanto.

i think we've all given up on the "brighter future" part... and food prices keep fluctuating.. it's coming though, don't worry. the rest of us will join you soon. as soon as we can no longer afford a mcrib. >> ^rottenseed:

Why isn't USAmerica rioting? I am. It's just me though.

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