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Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum sonatur.

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oritteropo says...

I'll keep an eye out for them then. I know a few have gone through my playlists.

Tag search gets a few, just not the obvious tag -

Just noticed... you're getting rather close to gold these days

In reply to this comment by luxury_pie:
Hey thanks for the link. Though the song didn't exactly hit my taste... hairs? (you know, in the ear) :
I don't like most of the electronica / d'n'b songs with vocals in it. Very often it just doesn't add anything to the experience, IMO. Although this song was quite ambient and "easy listening".

But I'm always looking for a good electronical tune (no matter what subgenre), preferably with all kinds of influences. I would open a big bucket of power points for somebody who can give me a really good electronica - klezmer sound.

In reply to this comment by oritteropo:
Do you like electronica, and particularly d'n'b?

This one's on 9 and I quite liked it:

Perhaps not quite as much as the violin one that you found in Beggar's canyon, but 1000 times more than the death metal one :

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