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enoch says...

In reply to this comment by kymbos:
I was sent to a private school, and as such we had no shortage of competent teachers, but I don't have a single example of a teacher who inspired me. It wasn't until uni that I met inspirational lecturers.

As for the 'what is history' question, I don't believe history is a set of dates and events. IMO, history is the critical interpretation and understanding of these events, and history teachers are probably best place to instill critical faculty in students.

are you flirting with me?
that got me all sweaty.
oh baby..
talk history to me.....
you rock man and you are spot on.
really great how it takes me a novella to write what you did in one sentence.

lucky760 says...

Wow, that's great. Thanks for the feedback. Glad I turned *someone* onto it!

In reply to this comment by kymbos:
Great find on that interview. It took me most of the morning at work to get through, but totally worth it. Thanks!

In reply to this comment by lucky760:
First heard of Gale Sayers this morning in an interview of Patton Oswalt by Adam Carolla. Interestingly, Patton Oswalt says he watches videos of Gale Sayers on the field to inspire his comedy writing.

rasch187 says...

I'll go all Don Bradman on your ass unless you start behaving, young man.

In reply to this comment by kymbos:
Shush now, Rasch. The adults are talking.

In reply to this comment by rasch187:
What I don't like about this ad is how exited everyone is about watching cricket, a game that lasts for 7 days is never going to create that level of exitement.

No, kymbos, I don't want to hear why cricket is the best game on earth. I've played it and watched it, and it's the most boring activity on earth, closely followed by watching paint dry.

griefer_queafer says...

Hey man. Indeed, it is the one directed by Noah Baumbach. The film is actually not great, but i think its pretty good, and worth a watch. Not for everyone, but if you enjoyed this scene, you will probably like the movie. Give it a shot. Its dated, but its a classic, IMO.

In reply to this comment by kymbos:
And yet, in reading up on it, it appears to be a somewhat mediocre Will Ferrel film. Now I'm confused.

Ah! Two films, same title. And yet Rotten Tomatoes is consistent in the 'mediocre' tag.

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