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Comments to kronosposeidon

kulpims says...

oh, I'm a collector's item, rarest of my kind, pokemon kulpims
if I win the Euro loto jackpot, I'll fly over for the inauguration

kronosposeidon said:

Damn it. I even would have gone to see you in DC if you somehow got invited to the White House, that way I could brag that I've actually met a Slovene. Let's face it: there aren't very many of you. It would almost be like meeting a leprechaun.

kulpims says...

hey, kp, long time ...
alas, no luck. yes, she's about my age, but I never met her. in fact I don't know anyone who knows her from back then so meeting Trump in the Oval office is out ...

kronosposeidon said:

Hey dude, long time no talk. I know this is coming out of left field, but by chance have you ever met Melania Trump? I just learned today that she is from Slovenia, and I immediately thought of you. Now don't get me wrong; I know that Slovenia is a nation of 2,000,000+ people, so I certainly don't expect you to know every soul in your homeland. I also know she hasn't lived there for 20 years. But she is around your age, and she briefly attended university, and you attended university too, right? I don't know what school you attended, but maybe you went to the same school?

I remember you saying that you were friends with one of those dudes from Perpetuum Jazzile in that 'Africa' video, so I thought, well, you might know someone else from Slovenia? I know it sounds stupid, but anyway it would be cool if you did know her so that you could brag on Videosift that you know the wife of the prick who might be the next US president and could potentially destroy the world. Maybe you could even get invited to the White House. And then you could leave an upper decker. Google it. Do it for all of of us, you beautiful son of a bitch.

poolcleaner says...

So you answer my summons with the reveal of schmawy's death? How fatalistic. I'm completely bummed, of course, but thank you just the same.

Do you happen to remember the way to kronoshades realm?

kronosposeidon said:

Sorry I'm just replying now. Just noticed your comment after checking my profile page, but that was only after I read this grim news. I lurk once in a blue moon, and unfortunately that's what I find out after being away for ages. Son of a bitch.

Well anyway I hope you're well. Thanks for thinking of me.

Fusionaut says...

I'm having a release party on September 29 but I think I'll release it a couple of weeks earlier around the 15th or so. Just waiting for the artwork to get finished up and then it's off to the manufacturer! You'll know as soon as it's ready

kronosposeidon said:

Just briefly stopping by. I pulled up my stakes a long time ago.

Hope you've been well. Make sure to drop me a line when your CD drops. September, isn't it? Don't forget, or I'll get stabby.

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