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Comments to kir_mokum

oritteropo says...

You know what, I retract my earlier statement. On listening again in a quiet room, it has plenty of d'n'b, and I don't know why I initially got the impression that it didn't. Maybe I had the volume too low.

All right then. My revised statement reads that I didn't upvote because I didn't listen carefully enough. Sorry for the confusion!

p.s. My upvote is because after listening to it a few times it's started to grow on me, despite sounding a bit light on first time through.
In reply to this comment by kir_mokum:
what do you mean exactly?

In reply to this comment by oritteropo:
So can I call that tune the sub-genre of d'n'b with the classic d'n'b beat and structure, but without actually having much in the way of drums or bass?

oritteropo says...

I'll certainly check out your suggestions, and thanks for your replies Please keep posting more d'n'b, even if sometimes only the two of us watch the vid and only you upvote! I doubt that will happen often though.
In reply to this comment by kir_mokum:
well, d'n'b isn't defined by reese basslines and amens. that's the stereotype but it's a much, much more diverse genre. i assure you "madness" is a straight up d'n'b tune. check out good looking/looking good, creative source, early hospital, defunked, warm communications, soundtrax recordings, soul:r/revolv:r/signature. if you like that hive tune, you'd probably like some of seba's tunes or alaska or paradox or breakage or anything "drumfunk" (assuming you hadn't heard of them).

oritteropo says...

Well there is always the chance you'll find my perspective to be completely uninformed and uninteresting

The track seemed to be missing the heavy bass that I'd associate with dnb, and much lighter like a rock'n'roll or pop track. For a really mainstream example of more what I'm looking for in dnb, and perhaps not a really good one (if you look at my posted vids and voting history, mainstream isn't really the majority there), Hive's Ultrasonic sound:

In reply to this comment by kir_mokum:
how is it not d'n'b enough? not trying to condescend, just want your perspective.
In reply to this comment by oritteropo:
It'll probably pick up a few more later if you don't discard it. I thought it wasn't electronica-ish or dnb enough, and the singer reminded me of another singer I don't like... so my vote is an abstain.

I liked Scuba's "Before" though, and Peace & Dub.
In reply to this comment by kir_mokum:
really? not one single vote other than myself? :

carneval says...

Genre-bending, like the rest of the best

In reply to this comment by kir_mokum:
it's more that half time autonomic sound (dBridge, instru:mental/boddika, synkro, exit records, nonplus records sound) which i just call drum'n'bass. it's in the 175 1/2 time range not the 140 range. really though, it's just it's own thing like much of scuba's stuff that i've heard.

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