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Real Name: yogurtforthesoul -- Truth conquers all things.
Birthdate: November 10th, 1976 (40 years old)
A little about me...

I'm a self inflicted game addict since the days of pre-atari. My first game was on a Texas Instruments home pc; it was Hunt the Wumpus.
Now I play all types of games from handhelds to arcade.

My favorite game ever played is Savage:Battle for Newerth, which can be played for free. The community and recommended installs are at Newerth.

I'm also an avid Basketball fan. So I'll rant here about it as I don't talk about it anywhere else! Anyway, my local Jazz being my any weather team, with the G.S. Warriors, Cavaliers, and Chicago Bulls being my "watching TV" hopefuls. Now the Warriors have become so strong in the NBA's scene we'll see who, if any, can take them down!?

I'm also a physics junkie; mostly concerning quantum mechanics (superposition, entanglement), cosmology, nuclear sciences (Fission/Fusion/Weak & Strong), math concerning symmetry and constants (Euler's Number, c, Planck's, etc...) and neuroscience (along with how the body interacts with the world; human anatomy).

Philosophy jumps up here and there when you contemplate the following interactions (starting with fundamentals & then broadening out) that will, have, and are playing out on/in our psyche (or soul, spirit, and other non physio-mechanical, scientifically or medically explainable options) and the physical structure it is comprised of: physics/electromagnetism/relativity-->chemicals/molecules/memory-->perception/senses-->variables concerning our senses, structure of the brain, and perception using "tinted glasses": psychoactive drugs, psycho-pharmaceuticals or psychotropics.

Also, in this same vein of thinking lies the nearly inescapable realization that people can act as a type of "psychoactive substance"; especially when you add natural processes like reproduction into the mix.

This comes full circle and makes me pay stark attention to the details of my life. I try to keep up on the Psychology that deals with these broader and more mechanical & neuroscience based approaches.

p.s. - I think I found the equation that explains recent neo-con wacky doctrine -- closed,universe,equation
P.S.: Replace "The Universe" with "Mind"; everyone else, you have to inform yourselves to figure this one out! ;p --

You can find me on Steam here under the username palmyrias (and I'm also in the Videosift Group).

My XBox Gamertag is yogurt4thesoul. Likewise, if you wish to find me on Twitter I use the same ID/username there too (yogurt4thesoul)


"Little known fact: yogurt helps the digestive needs for gods. Without yogurt, the gods couldn't digest the souls of mortals. Thus, out of need, yogurtforthesoul was born."

And the greater quote for this entity-

"I am the reaper of form and structure, the bolsterer of evanescence, and the bringer of sustenance.
My diligence surpasses my blindness, which is not and cannot be from Light, nor, in the Shadows of Conscious surrender.

Show humility for what I do for you; without question, and always relentless in function and place.

And all fear my loss, as it surely will bring my kindred to finish what I cannot consume."

- yogurtforthesoul

And the brethren show their face, if we play away our fate-

The gates ajar and the comet's red tooth...
Then sounds the call of a mighty host

What gathers at the moon,
when what beckons the broken bones

Red ground guides the afar traveler, Now, they seek more

The gate gave sight although ajar, but none heed
a broken passage--that only gave by them a wishful plate.

So, when the moon Wanes with the West

Soon a call from the newly made Host,
will rinse the ground with blood and give back to Earth.

Those souls sought Cain's traitorous mark
But, They--weave--unto, All the most callous of Gods...

- yogurtforthesoul


e-mail me at yogurtforthesoul@gmail.com

The arch-enemy of yogurt, is of course...Code Pink-Berry! Take them down where they live and where they stand! ~brought to you by: those that fight for a bacteria accepting world!

The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it. -John Gilmore

My real name is Kimball Ryan Eaton, with yogurtforthesoul being my alias/pseudonym; a typical alias used in gaming and elsewhere. However, beyond kceaton1, yogurtforthesoul, and my name Kimball...the rest of any pseudonyms or aliases I use are a mystery, and really they're supposed to be that way!.

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Mordhaus says...


kceaton1 said:


Absolutely terrifying stuff. I would do everything I could possibly imagine to flag down those vehicles in that oncoming lane. To see all that black smoke come up after those semi's entered was just terrible, because you knew just what that meant--I worked for UPS and those things are NOTHING but fire fuel (they are practically mini-bombs once they catch on fire at a good enough temperature...).

It would make a good driver-ed video, UPS driver video, state leaders, and even our country's leaders. So we can Improve our systems, education, infrastructure, first response, and our view of the issue.

Nope, just another day. Remember when Obi-Wan got killed by Darth Vader? Remember?

(Oh, spoiler, sorry...)

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