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mintbbb says...

I did think about that originally, but I usually just end up copying either the original title, or the title from where I found it.. English is not my first language, so I suck at trying to come up with a title on my own.. Or if I do, it just sounds really stupid My brain refuses to be clever in English!

So, I normally just copy and paste!

Thanks for the comment, I do agree with you! I will try to pay attention to titles more, hope my brain co-operates

dannym3141 said:

Hey just FYI you might be missing out on votes here:

Because although everything else says "Get Lucky" once you're on the page, before then it says "Gettin' Lucky" - i've skipped it a few times because i didn't know the song, thought it might be some kinda blues i didn't want to hear

newtboy says...

I think your efforts are commendable, but doomed to fail. Trance is not interested in learning, and when you teach him something he can't find a crazed, wrong link to discount your knowledge with, he'll simply ignore it and move on to more and more infantile argument. He recently became my second ignore.
I am glad you called him out on his doctorate in underwater basket weaving, unfortunately for us all it does not help him understand science in the least, or the scientific method, but somehow convinces him that it does.
EDIT: Oh, "doctorate in Social 'science'", which he must mistakenly believe is a true science and not a misnomer.
I see he continues with his intentional miss-reading and/or miss-quoting, claiming you said purely consensus is the ONLY way science progresses, not that it's the way that progression is accepted by the scientific community. Me thinks this miss-understanding is an intentional miss-statement in order to continue his 'debate' by constantly changing either his own, or your stance on the subject.
I also noted the passive aggressive (and terrible English) statement " the manner in which I posted the links may not have been "fair," ", to me implying you just couldn't assimilate that much information, not conceding that it was all an attempt at an overwhelming avalanche of BS propaganda.
Kudos on your reasoned, patient approach. I ran out of patience with the kindergarten argument style and quit him.

dannym3141 said:

@Trancecoach holding a doctorate doesn't make you capable of understanding the scientific literature.

enoch says...

here is the thing though,based purely on my own subjective observations:
your rage is tempered with a humanity that rarely comes across as rage but rather patience.

if you are not a teacher...you should be.
or a zen buddhist...
i confuse the two.

bareboards2 says...

I thought of that about 6 hours after I posted the vid.

Decided to leave it anyway, since "grammy" is an affectionate word I use all the time.

I am content to leave people confused. In honor of grammies in the world.

Oh, how my attitude towards upvotes has changed! I used to tweak headlines to death, trying to woo Sifters' eyes! And now I knowingly let eyes slide by.

dannym3141 said:

I'd just like to point out that a Grammy is a music award, and i avoided the video because i wasn't interested in watching an awarded drummer achieving their dream.

I can't be the only one to have done that. Title is misleading.

siftbot says...

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Sagemind says...

Like a lot of these types of videos, I want them to be true.
However, my brain immediately starts screaming the there is something wrong here. And yes, the first thought I had was how precise those pieces of cardboard needed to be, mainly because of weight. also how hitting the center for the axle had to be absolutely precise to guarantee balance. (Precision I don't think you can get from cardboard.)

As far as the wight of lifting each of those flaps back up, I wouldn't think that the swinging flap would have enough energy to keep it going. Visually I see it happening in the video but I immediately question it. Again I want it to be true - think of the possibilities - but the skeptic in me tells me something else is at play here, even if I can't see it.

In reply to this comment by dannym3141:
Hi, don't know if you're satisfied about this video yet but;

If you accept purely gravitational motion, then the kinetic energy gained from lowering any individual card segment must be paid back in full when you raise it back up on the other side. Now factor in resistances (the pen cartridge axle, air resistance, and it's making noise which is a form of energy) and you quickly realise that for the whole thing to spin there must be an external application of energy.

Even consider how accurately he would have had to cut all those cardboard pieces to make them the exact same weight so that heavier ones didn't cause the contraption to slow. I can attest that i've made these types of things as a kid, as soon as you start building one you start to feel why it can't work; you can kinda feel the principle of conservation of energy yourself.

I have references if you need :
In reply to this comment by Sagemind:
Comments on YouTube claim that this is somehow fake - that there is a fan somehow blowing on it.

I see no fan in the one direction they show and his body blocks it from any wind on the other side while he is filming so..

Any takers...?

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