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PlayhousePals says...

HAHAHA! If I could *quality* a comment, this would be one. Couldn't have typed it better myself. Thanks for the laugh

dannym3141 said:

Listening to Trump is like listening to a kid give a pretend speech.

"We need to get the bad people what did this and all the muslims must cooperate with the police to get the bad men because they know, they know who the bad people are and they have to tell us."

It's like watching a confidence trickster sell snake oil - "It works, I know.. I know, trust me." - and I'm one of the only people that can see through it. Inside there's a desperate man with a hunted look on his face going "Please tell me they bought what I just said and they're not going to pour all my oil down the drain and make me walk out of town with my pants around my ankles again."

He's like a white, old Kanye West - he's all talk and no substance, his best stuff happened so long ago no one can remember whether it was really any good in the first place or just good fortune and all his co-workers think he's a joke and can't believe how he ever got to where he's gotten. Whilst Kanye married into an association with a big arse, Trump achieved that all by himself though he did have a head start with that name.

siftbot says...

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asynchronice says...

Personally, I exclusively prefer hot grills.

dannym3141 said:

Mesmerising perhaps to japanophiles. Looks odd to me. I'd keep that opinion to myself but i want to voice some kind of dissent because i feel that in this day and age, we shouldn't be buying/selling videos based on the words "hot grill" being in the title. Not least because if you don't agree with the grill being hot, you're gay or a straight female there's not much here for you that can't be found in greater quality elsewhere. But i'm a bitter cynic, so continue to ignore me.

siftbot says...

Happy anniversary! Today marks year number 8 since you first became a Sifter and the community is better for having you. Thanks for your contributions!

radx says...

Corbyn was referenced in quite a few articles by Monbiot, Jones and Milne over at the Guardian, but that's about all I read about him. Never really looked into his positions.

However, Frankie dropped this line about him in his column yesterday:

"I honestly don’t think that Corbyn would make a good leader but only because he would quickly take his own life in a highly unconvincing manner on a long country walk, an inquiry taking 15 years to report that he had kicked himself to death."

That sparked my interest. The comment section provided this gem:

"Corbyn is measured, articulate, doesn't take crap from interviewers, and doesn't look morally constipated through having consumed a surfeit of focus group tripe, unlike the other three."

Again, interesting.

Then you brought him up, and Jacobin runs a piece on him. So I suppose I'll be taking a look at him now.

dannym3141 said:

Have you seen anything about the rise of Jeremy Corbyn (a long standing Labour party backbench rebel) in the UK party leadership election?

radx says...

Your Green party strikes me as rather decent in its analysis, and even radical in its proposed solutions. It's too early to know whether they'll have more of an impact than the German Left party, or even any at all. But it's something at least...

dannym3141 said:

It was a breath of fresh air to hear Varoufakis lay down the problem in simple terms; something nobody in the democratic process in the UK has done in my entire lifetime.

enoch says...

great comment on the racism by numbers video!
i truly struggle to understand people who either willingly or unwittingly over-simplify complex cultural systems.

it smacks of comfortable ignorance.

racism is evolving to classism and while not necessarily a new dynamic,it is one that goes against the very heart of human progress and ideology.

quid pro quo....
certainly not the ordinary citizen,but then who?

a frighteningly cynical but also quite probable consequence of the corporate state.
human greed juxtaposed with apathy and indifference.

enoch says...

beat me to it!....aaaagain.
i wonder if the new atheists are aware they speak in the very same fundamentalist language they so despise and criticize?
that on a very core level,the epistemology is the same.

oh the delicious irony.....

dannym3141 said:

NOMA as in how Dawkins criticises NOMA?

I think there's a subtle distinction between what NDGT is saying and NOMA, which is that i don't think he suggested that any religion should be given the position to present what they know as fact. He seemed to suggest that the American physicists he knows, if they are shall we say 'spiritual' then they are spiritual in a more open sense than being classed as any particular religion. Perhaps in the sense that they see no reason for there NOT to be different realities or even that the universe is not a part of something else. In that way they may be open to spirituality even if just in a general well-being sense, and use religious texts as interesting moralistic tales.

At the end of the day, no matter how cutting Dawkins can be, he himself knows that you can't prove anything about this god or that god, and ultimately anything to do with why there is this reality nor what any alternative might be. He's just a guy with opinions about how this place works too, and he's certainly not the smartest of us to ever have been.

Might you be putting too much focus on the (i think facetious) comment that it teaches how to go to heaven not how the heavens go? I think, or rather hope, that he was trying to say that there's no way to tell one way or the other, but he can understand why people feel comforted by it and you can say you subscribe to something even whilst you hold your own completely modified version of it according to what you experience in this reality!

enoch says...

so i woke up this morning,grabbed my coffee and started my routine of seeing whats happening on the sift to be greeted by your comment.

thank you my friend.
it brought a smile to my face.
and brought me back to earth with a giant dose of getoveryourself.
my comment had a certain..shrillness... that,while unintended,was very evident with a reread.

i would love the assistance to get to the truth of the matter.i would not even know where to start.the articles i found for/against seemed to be a tug of war between vegans and big monied interests.

i think everyone here would benefit from your talents.

i guess i just find it ironic that one video has 24 votes,while mine is left floundering,yet both are basically saying the same thing.

grant you,the related video if far more entertaining.

anyways,thank you for bringing me down to earth my friend.
/tips coffee
and have a great morning! (or afternoon/evening)

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