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I was raised in a far-left family and culture. May all doors open to you :)

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peter12 jokingly says...

Singapore does it right. Detain people for every little crap (throw gum on ground). Cities become cleaner and the prison industry don't suffer any more. GREAT
In reply to this comment by chilaxe:
>> ^spoco2: Fuck I hate thieves... Just fucking hate their self centred little shitty brains. Have had things stolen from cars before. Have had my car's locks ruined by someone trying to break into it. Have had to move house largely because my wife couldn't stand to be there any more after a thief broke in and stole a heap of things while she was taking the kids to school. Just fucking hate them. WORK FOR YOUR FUCKING STUFF. Singapore's policies seem to work pretty well on that count. The West? Not so much. When Westerners visit Singapore, they're amazed at how clean and successful as a society it is.

dag says...

I did see Pandorum. not too shabby. Dark City is in one of those two categories. You have to go old school for the fallen civ movies. logans run, damnation Alley, The Stand.
In reply to this comment by chilaxe:
Dag, I totally feel the same way.

Did you see the recent movie Pandorum? Pretty incredible first 1/3 of the movie.

Can you recommend any movies or books in those 2 themes?

In reply to this comment by dag:
Weird - I had a much more positive takeaway from this trailer - but then I love this kind of stuff.

Actually, if I think about it - my two favourite SF themes are:

  • Generation ships gone awry - so the descendants don't know WTF is up and;

  • Back to nature, fallen civilization re-discovers technology

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