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Comments to blankfist

radx says...

There's news about it almost every single day... exhilarating, isn't it?

A bit depressing as well, given that fuck all has been done about it in the last months, but still... good shit, my friend.

blankfist said:

Sorry, I've been away for so long. But I've definitely been keeping an eye on the NSA news. Hope you're well.

radx says...

A not-so-little update, if you're still around and interested.

Jacob Appelbaum working with "Der Spiegel" basically confirmed the existence of BadBIOS this morning. Dragos may not actually have it, but the Snowden files prove that the NSA has tools that do precisely what was attributed to BadBIOS.

radx said:

Lots of hubbub up front, but basically no new information. At all.

So everything's still in the "might be, might not be"-stage as of now.

radx says...

Now we're talking:

That's a prominent member of our parliament who met with Snowden to find out if he'd be willing to testify in a case against the US. Not going to happen. He had made it clear from the beginning that he's not going to hurt the US and the Russians would revoke his temporary asylum should he divulge more information.

But the mere fact that they made it public is rather astonishing.

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