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Comments to blankfist

jonny says...

hey - your dead malarchuk vid was fixed with the other post, making it a dupe. I didn't discard it, but called it dead again. I have no idea what your original post looked like, though, so I couldn't search for a replacement. This comes up every once in a while - I think dag has just removed the new embed code, but I don't remember. Best to ask him.

gwiz665 says...

Bah, humbug.

In reply to this comment by blankfist:
>> ^siftbot:
gwiz665 cannot award a quality point for this Sift Talk post because gwiz665 does not have enough Power Points - ignoring quality request by gwiz665. (You can always purchase more Power Points.)

Way to ruin Christmas, gwiz665. Was this what you were meaning to do? *Quality! I think Lucky needs all the help he can get with stars. He's still a 100 star. Jesus! You'd think if you were the programmer of the site you'd probably cheat a bit on star points.

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