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Comments to blankfist

kronosposeidon says...

LOL! And I mean that. I never fake my LOLs, I'll have you know. If I write LOL, it means I genuinely laughed out loud, motherfucker.

You know, Farhad is the shiznit, BUT he always failed to grasp the beauty of a good cat fart video. Philistine. Oh well, no one is perfect.

In reply to this comment by blankfist:
Does this mean I can now tag my cat fart videos as obscure?

rottenseed says...

The drug channel thanks you for your input

In reply to this comment by blankfist:
Stop whoring for your channel already! Jesus!!! What has this been, like, the third post about that goddamn channel in the past day?!?! We get it! You have a channel and it's racy because it's about drugs. Yay for you, dude. Let's all go hang out there and make 420 jokes. That'll be awesome, because it will be anti-establishment! I hate you! I HATE YOU!!!

Can I get my downers back now? I'm way too pent up.

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