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Real Name: Ant
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I am just an ant! :)

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newtboy says...

I went with mom, dad, and my grandmother. We flew to Washington and drove from there.
It was a neat trip, but I expected more from the expo. With a few exceptions, it seemed like it was done on the cheap, compared to what I had seen in old footage. I expected to ride in a hover car, watch hologram movies, ride moving sidewalks, ride monorails, see some early teleportation, etc. Of those, I got a holographic movie, so I was somewhat disappointed. What do you expect from a 16 year old though?

Posted the other 2 videos in the comments of that one. Feel free to sift them if you wish, I won't be posting them for real.

ant said:

Actually, that video is good quality for a home recording! Hey, post the other parts. Good flashbacks. My family, friends, and I were there too!!

newtboy says...

Oh yeah...sorry.

You've reminded me of something hilarious from the expo, but I can't find a picture of it. There was a 2D sculpture of a Canadian Mountie, I think near the roller coaster, that totally had a huge boner! It was really the end of the arm, but the way it was made the elbow is in back, but in front was just a little triangle just below waist level. It was too funny, and obviously not intentional. Oh, the things you notice when you're 16.

ant said:


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