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Submitting YouTube video with its redirectors don't dupe?

Hello. goes to

VS doesn't think doesn't think it is a dupe when decoded. It does think is a dupe for which is correct.

Does VS' submission checker not handle redirectors?

Thank you in advance.

Main Sift Talk channel to be shown?


When selecting more than one channels for a Sift Talk for , is there a way to select and show the channel to be shown?

For examples: and have video games channel, but that should show as "Video Games Talk" and not the other ones. Is there a way to change/set this?

Thank you in advance.

Play icon in submitted videos' titles on VS.

I am starting to see a pattern recently. For examples: and ...

I know it is for YouTube to show what is currently playing (see ), but VS should not include them. How are they coming up anyways? I never see those in my YouTube submissions.

Thank you in advance.

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