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"if I could" I would like to beat up defenseless women. It's not a threat, It's just a fantasy of mine.

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ChaosEngine says...

Yeah, noticed that. No fucking surprise there

VoodooV said:

Morganth thinks the lady should suffer apparently. Religion being against women, minorities, guys, and science isn't enough apparently. Gotta piss on the terminal disease people too.

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eric3579 says...

Lol, not exactly. I was downloading Team Fortress 2 and watching Bobs Burgers but had my email tab opened and bam NEW MSG!

VoodooV said:

are we all just hovering over the LWT youtube channel and waiting for the video to drop?

siftbot says...

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ChaosEngine says...

That was exceptionally well said.

I wish I could double vote or promote that comment.

In some ways, I think there's a broader point there about conservatives in general and libertarians in particular.

They are absolutists. Either you have total freedom or you are enslaved.

Context and circumstance are dirty words.

VoodooV said:

The fallacy though is that there is a strong anti-gun movement. There isn't The pro-gun people desperately cling to that strawman fallacy any time there is a call for gun control.

The number of people who are actually "anti-gun" in the US are too small to politically matter, but who knows, as @ChaosEngine pointed out, maybe that will change someday as attitudes and technology changes, but that day is not today.

However, the majority of people ARE for gun control/regulation. The vast majority of Americans have no problem with armed citizenry. The debate is ACTUALLY about the level of armament. They want stiffer controls to keep them out of the hands of criminals and the mentally disturbed. And maybe some required training/certification for those that do choose to own firearms, just like we test periodically for drivers licenses.

Even the pro-gun people should (I hope) agree that nuclear arms should be under tight control and not in the hands of civilians. Should a civilian be able to own a cruise missile? a tank? A battleship cannon? How about one of those new magnetic rail cannons being developed? If you agree that these types of weapons should not be used by civvies, then you are pro-gun control.

The question is just one of degree. I completely agree that "assault" weapons is too vague a term and stricter definitions need to be created to define what civvies should and shouldn't have.

Precedent is already set. We have a constitutional right to bear arms as well as many other rights, but rights have been taken away countless times (with the consent of the governed) for people who have proven that they can be a harm to others, so you can't really argue that the 2nd amendment is inalienable. Many, if not all, rights have conditions to them.

There are ALWAYS exceptions.

I've harped on it before and I'll harp on it again. Bill Maher is exactly right. There is no "anti-gun" party. We have a "loves guns" party and a "likes guns" party.

There is NO significant anti-gun movement in America. But the pro-gun people are scared so they try to bogeyman you into thinking there is.

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