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Channel: Fire & Explosions
Birthdate: October 18th, 1982 (32 years old)
A little about me...
I've moved back up to Nunavut, where I analyze policy for The Man. I'll drop by from time to time.

Member Since: September 5, 2007
Favorite Sift: Party & Bullshit - Biggie Smalls (Ratatat Remix)
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Comments to Throbbin

siftbot says...

Happy belated anniversary! Due to a glitch in the Matrix, we forgot to mark year number 7 since you first became a Sifter. The community wouldn\'t be the same without you. Thanks for your contributions!

chicchorea says...


It has been a long time,... too long. I hope you and yours are well, happy, and prosperous.

My best friend's birthday is today and likewise someone else's that I know. I will raise one to you today as well.


siftbot says...

Happy anniversary! Today marks year number 6 since you first became a Sifter and the community is better for having you. Thanks for your contributions!

siftbot says...

Your video, Reggie Watts Rocks Conan, has made it into the Top 15 New Videos listing. Congratulations on your achievement. For your contribution you have been awarded 1 Power Point.

This achievement has earned you your "Pop Star" Level 4 Badge!

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