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Real Name: Jim
Birthdate: February 7th
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I joined the Sift for the privilege to get things I liked in front of your eyes, and I'm really excited finally to be Gold-100 and to promote the hell out of your vids.

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Comments to RhesusMonk

rembar says...

Glad the poem's helping you out so much. Rives is a medic for the soul. Cheers!

In reply to this comment by RhesusMonk:
Just want you to know that I've watched this at least once a day since I found it on eric3579's slam poetry playlist a few weeks ago. I'm in a 1200 mile long-distance thing with my lady, and this poem helps us a lot. This man is a hero. Thanks for the post; even a year later, it still echoes...

In reply to this comment by rembar:
I still love this, but I'll be back.


blutruth says...

Thanks for trying to reason with me. I was acting out of emotion (very rare for me) so I was probably not thinking very logically when I wrote that. It's funny you mention the shouting thing. As I was reading it, that's how I felt until I got to that part, at which point I said, "oh." and calmed down just a bit. I like it here and minor problems like this aren't going to scare me away.

In reply to this comment by RhesusMonk:
Hey, man, I know you're pissed off about your boy getting banned, but it was a self-link. There really isn't any room for a warning on that. I get the argument that he probably would have increased the quality of the sift, but overall, if every self-linker got a second chance, the quality would go down. As far as the facts thing: the length of membership, length of time between post to y/t and post to sift, the number of views of the y/t vid are all facts even in the strictest sense. I hope you don't read this as me shouting back at you; I really just don't want to lose two sifters to one self-link.

lucky760 says...

I've added your names to the new victory list on my profile.

In reply to this comment by RhesusMonk:
Swear to christ. YouMakeKittyMad and I were talking (we work together) and he's actually the one who guessed right. Do we get to pass into the underworld now or something for figuring out the riddle?

In reply to this comment by lucky760:
Whooooooaaa, whoaa, whoa... Wait a second. Do you mean to tell me you deciphered it solely on your own? You sure you didn't get a hint somewhere else?

You're the very first person to guess correctly. If you truly had no help, my green Irish hat's off to you, but I have a hard time even considering the possibility.

In reply to this comment by RhesusMonk:
So what's lmfahs mean? all i got is "laughing my fucking asshole shut."

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