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Birthdate: September 23rd
A little about me...
They tell me that the Media is Liberal even when they speak the truth. They tell me that the Media is against them. They tell me that they are their own ballanced and neutral arbiter.

They tell even the Media to shut up or we will cut you off. Sure, this did work in prior elections, but it will not work this time becuase they can tell the Netroots to shut up, but we will not stand by silently. Not. This. Time.

We, the Netroots, do not have to wait for the Media to cover the story. We will cover it.

We do not have to have the "facts" spoon feed to us. We will find the facts ourselves.

We do not have to wait for permission. We will grant it to ourselves.

So go ahead. Call me a sexist when I actually supported womens rights. I know where I stand.

Go ahead. Call me racist when I am the Black man that has been struggling for this moment. I know what has really happened.

Go ahead. Call me "Liberal" when I am actually firmly in the masses. I know what a mess the "conservatives" have made.

Go ahead. Keep telling me that I am losing when I am in the lead. I know that we will win because it is our time.

You, who love war, who love money, who love power -- your time is up. You had your chance, but no more, not this time, because it is our time. It is time for all of the people -- all of the people of the United States of America.

(written by dkawaii at DailyKos)

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Comments to NetRunner

siftbot says...

Happy anniversary! Today marks year number 9 since you first became a Sifter and the community is better for having you. Thanks for your contributions!

NetRunner says...

I miss you guys too. I'm finding it hard to fit Videosift into my life anymore.

That said, I used to use this place as an outlet for me to rant about things I can't really discuss with people IRL.

I may end up starting a blog of my own, that way I won't have to find a video to use as a starting point for saying something I've been dying to get off my chest.

bareboards2 said:

I'm cleaning out my profile page of old comments, and stumbled on this.

I miss you.

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