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siftbot says...

Happy anniversary! Today marks year number 6 since you first became a Sifter and the community is better for having you. Thanks for your contributions!

siftbot says...

Congratulations! Your comment on Bernie Sanders Polling Surge - Seth Meyers has just received enough votes from the community to earn you 1 Power Point. Thank you for your quality contribution to VideoSift.

siftbot says...

Congratulations! Your video, Adam Ruins Vitamins!, has reached the #1 spot in the current Top 15 New Videos listing. This is a very difficult thing to accomplish but you managed to pull it off. For your contribution you have been awarded 2 Power Points.

This achievement has earned you your "Golden One" Level 2 Badge!

newtboy says...

There, and also we differ in the fact that I would never post a distressing video like that without a strong warning that it starts off with a camel who's just had it's throat sliced open brutally and obviously with no thought for it's pain or fear, and I certainly would never title it in a way that implies you'll see the opposite...a healthy camel almost beheading a man...that's another place we differ.

When I'm tricked into thinking I'll see a video of a camel assaulting a human, and instead I'm assaulted with images of people being douchebag humans to animals, my patience goes right out the window. It's why the Humane Society will never get a dime from me, even though I think they do good work, they're douchebags that inflict intentional emotional distress in an effort to gain support. I'll rail against that every time I think I see it.

EDIT: That's odd, I wonder why it went to your profile page instead of quoting you on the video page. Hmmm. I didn't mean that to happen.

Lawdeedaw said:

I noticed. I wouldn't guess you would downvote it for it's content, which is that people who fuck with nature often get fucked back. Of course you could have just said so before casting a permanent vote, as I did just recently when someone posted a video and labeled it incorrectly, but then I guess that is where me and you differ.

newtboy says...

I already answered that clearly, but here it is again since you apparently didn't read it....

I find this so inappropriate.
The moderator made a ruling that didn't go your way.
Now you threaten to make the moderator's life hell as a moderator because of it.
Please stop.

I find your threats to flood @lucky760 with requests for rulings on any video you can find with any death, (apparently including videos already ruled on, and others such as weather events where death is not evident in the video and war reports where death is not evident in the video (or is at best dots before the explosion, not clearly people), all because you're pissed off that he ruled against your blatant snuff video,) both inappropriate and insulting to the entire sift community, and totally personally insulting and threatening to lucky. EDIT: on top of being nothing more than sour grapes, clearly, since you have no issue with posting a snuff video but now feel a pathological need to root them out from years back, not because they bother you but because YOURS was removed. While there's nothing wrong with calling snuff "snuff", your reasons for doing so at this point and in the method you have chosen are, to be more than generous, somewhat suspect.

Because this action was prompted by my tagging your video as *snuff (and having him make a ruling), it seemed totally appropriate for me to vote on your comment/actions.
You may note you've made numerous comments I did not vote on at all at the same time as the one's I downvoted because you were intentionally insulting or threatening.
And now you backhandedly threaten to try to get me banned for (properly) downvoting your insulting and threatening public comments?

...just quit it....please.

Lawdeedaw said:

@newtboy, are you jerking off on downvoting my comments? Remember to downvote them on content, not because you are pissed. The other comments? I can understand you downvoting them, but the last one I posted directly to lucky, as he is a mod and we were talking directly about mod issues, is suspect...I told @lucky760 A-Take his time, B-I am fine with this ruling but all must now be fair, and C-Be ready to discard the other snuff that has escaped to ruin the sift...

So please do tell, what part of that content offended you or was intellectually devoid? If nothing, then stop spamming my comments with downvotes. I wouldn't want people to get banned for downvotting based on bullshit reqs.

newtboy says...

I find this so inappropriate.
The moderator made a ruling that didn't go your way.
Now you threaten to make the moderator's life hell as a moderator because of it.
Please stop.

Lawdeedaw said:

There was no timeline on your response. Take your time. But just remember, it now applies to every video on the sift so please do have your discard button handy

newtboy says...

Sweet Zombie Jesus!
What I said was "Good on the homeless man for saving the woman. Shame on Lawdeedaw for posting snuff", (an act that in the posting itself was insulting and snide to all other users of the site)....and you've completely lost it.
YOU started with the insults, claiming I'm unable to read, unable to comprehend the rules, and only making a personal attack (none of which is true, clearly), now you're going to whine to the moderators that someone's 'backhanded bullshit insult' (do you perhaps mean your own?) requires constant moderator intervention on your behalf, and because the moderator didn't agree with your miss-interpretation of the clearly written rule you clearly broke, now you threaten to force them to 'rule' on any and every video you can find that comes anywhere close to the rule, including all those that have already been ruled on?
WTF man. Grow up.

Lawdeedaw said:

Everything with killings in it will get reviewed then @lucky760. There will be no exceptions then for shit based on cops, soldiers, etc., unless it is "lengthy educational, informative news report or documentary that encompasses a much broader narrative."


And since no mention was made about insulting other sifters in snide ass manners, backhanded bullshit insults that sting far worse than dumb and crass insults, I assume it's now no hands barred? I would rather be called a dumb fuck than treated as I you will be the one to make the ruling on that bud. Either we can all be insulting, snide assholes, or someone else gets told to be civil...

Lawdeedaw says...

Lol, I just thought it was typical Sage gibberish. Kidding, thank you for this clarification buddy

Sagemind said:

Not sure if you get email notifications or not which quotes commnets.
I commented on your comment, accidentally dropping something off my pasteboard into the comment -- Please ignore that comment - I know it wont make any sense.

My comment has been corrected on the page.

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