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Analysis of Charlie the Unicorn

Thus far, "Charlie the Unicorn" movies have followed a twisted take on the "Monomyth," also known as the "Hero's Journey." The Hero's Journey consists of 5 major parts, and all (or variants) are found in both this and the first Charlie video. I shall analyze and demonstrate the formulaic nature of both these videos in the paradigm of the Hero's Journey.
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"Best Votes-to-View Ratio" sort for Unsifted Videos

I wish there were a way to search Sift Talk posts, since this has probably been addressed elsewhere, yet I can't seem to find the appropriate post (probably back during the 3.0 upgrade posts).

Anyway, my question is how the algorithm for sorting Unsifted videos according to the "Best Votes-to-View Ratio" works. I am curious because it's obviously not sorting the videos according to the listed number of votes-to-views ratio... is there a secondary number of "views" that are being used to calculate this ratio? Granted, newly posted videos with 1 vote and 0 views are appearing first (as they should), but for videos that have been unsifted for longer, there a lot that are out of order.

I'm guessing that some random factor was put into the algorithm to vary the lineup a little bit so there isn't an absolute "rich get richer while the poor get poorer" situation, but it seems to be working *too* well judging by the number of videos that are out of order, even beyond the first page.

Refreshing the page sometimes "solves" some unordered pairs, but then creates new ones. It can't be fully caused by other sifters either, since if you pick out 2 videos and note that their listed votes/views do not change between refreshes, the lesser one can appear before the other (and return back again on subsequent refreshes).

Thanks in advance!

GayTV Channel being improperly associated?

Hi everyone,

Sorry if this has been brought up before, but there seems to be some confusion regarding tagging submitted videos as belonging to the Give Away Your TV collective. Perhaps it's because of the new Videosift 3.0 abbreviation for it, which merely appears as "Gay."

This seems to be misleading to some - especially with newer sifters - who interpret the tag as a video that contains gay-related (homosexual) content. This is not to say that gay content shouldn't be appearing in the GAYTV channel - I have no doubt there exist videos that address both areas somewhere on the intarwebs... Rather, my concern is that the GAYTV channel is being transformed into something that it was not intended to be.

The Give Away Your TV collective describes itself thusly:

"Your home for alternative media. Share and watch videos falling outside the mainstreams of corporate media communication. Free yourself from the shackles of television. So go ahead and do it! Give Away Your TV!"

If you go to http://gay.videosift.com/ though, the majority of the videos on the front page (wait, is it all of them?) are gay-related. Which is not what the original collective (pre-3.0) was associated with... it mostly involved videos that denounced television as a whole or were clips that were never aired in TV or movie form (i.e. web-native videos).

Did the GAYTV collective shift entirely to actual gay-related material, and the old description just not updated? Please disregard me if I missed the memo on that one. I understand that the new ability to add videos under a collective without having to be a member of the collective (which I love) probably is the root cause of this, mostly because the abbreviation of the channel to "gay" in the submission form is misleading.

However, given how many things are getting submitted incorrectly, it may be a fairly good idea to start a real gay-related collective...

Thanks all,


Firefox NoScript Bug - Can't Vote

I recently ran into a problem with running the Firefox add-on "NoScript" (which I run as a precaution against potentially malicious sites). I have never had a problem with this before, since I simply listed videosift.com as a "trusted" site (and thus all videosift scripts were allowed to run).

I do not know if anything was changed in the scripts regarding upvoting/downvoting, since the latest NoScript version was released before the problem started (about 2 days ago - as you can see I was able to post a video to the queue and self-vote for it). But in order to upvote or downvote anything I have to fully disable the NoScript add-on, at which point I am able to upvote and downvote normally.

Anyone else run into this problem, or have an inkling of the script changes to upvoting/downvoting? I've tried reinstalling NoScript as well as clearing my cache and cookies, but the only thing that works is disabling the add-on entirely.

Thanks in advance everyone!
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