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dapper says...

and I think the biggest dewd had a UFC t-shirt on. That could have gone wrong... Still, I frickin love that these asshats are being trolled.

Ghostly said:

They could have observed the people parking. Then they'd know they aren't handicapped and also that they won't be back any time soon. Some of those people looked... big, I wouldn't wanna risk getting caught in the act

8617 says...

I'm The guy's partner that makes the guitars. If it was cast as a mold it would not be strong enough to with stand the tension of the strings. The neck is much stronger when pieces are laminated together. It took a "Glazer" to come up with this very simple idea that seemed to be imposible to everybody else. And the guy is not even a guitarist, He's a drummer so You know He can't be that smart. He just thought about it for two days and visualized it then built it. So all You people say what You will. We're already famous and We're going to be better off then We were before, weather You think We deserve it or not. We never knew making a my space page would lead to all of this attention. God Bless America, And thanks Tom, Who ever You are... for creating .
You can see more of Our work at,

In reply to this comment by Ghostly:
I don't know anything about working with glass... but after brief research I don't understand why it can't be cast in an appropriate clay mould with cavities for components and polished with diamond pads afterwards. Would it not be possible to make a clear glass guitar in this way? Does anyone know why it's not that simple?

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