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Comments to Dignant_Pink

siftbot says...

Happy anniversary! Today marks year number 10 since you first became a Sifter and the community is better for having you. Thanks for your contributions!

siftbot says...

Happy anniversary! Today marks year number 9 since you first became a Sifter and the community is better for having you. Thanks for your contributions!

Darkhand says...

Hey Man thanks for posting what you did in my video. I know I haven't been around here as long as you on the 'sift but I feel exactly the same way you do. It seems to me everything has gone really negative lately.

JiggaJonson says...

Because the religions of a society tend to be reflected in the policies made within governments. Or in other words, your religion effects me, so I care about what you believe because I dont want it to.

I live in Indiana and I cant buy any alcohol on Sundays. Not that big of a deal but, the mindset that went into that decision was a religious one. Why then, should I have to deal with that law?

Why should homosexuals be deprived of the right to marry because of one obscure verse in the bible? Our constitution invokes freedom of religion and no one is saying these homosexual ppl should be allowed to be married in a church, forcing the religion to change, just the laws involved.

1/2 of a male couple involved in some kind of emergency wouldnt be able to visit with the other half in a hospital because the rules are that only immediate family can visit. They cant even get a discount on car insurance for their partnership. The law is preventing them from doing that and religion plays a major role in that. THAT is why it is so important to people like us who have absolutely no stake in god.

Your a devout catholic you say, how would you feel if you were forced to take unpaid days off of work for Hanukkah(the way some atheists like myself feel for being forced to take off christmas) Why should I be forced to celebrate your holiday when I would like the day off of work for Charles Darwin's birthday?
Do you see what I'm saying.

Freedom of religion makes the US by law a secular society yet judaio christian ideas are invasive and perverting our government into something other than what the founding fathers intended. I dont want to be forced to believe something I dont, and I'm happy that I live in a country that supports my freedom in that regard, for now.

In reply to this comment by Dignant_Pink:
i'm a devout catholic. i believe in god and his son jesus. i believe that everything that happens, good or bad, is, to quote the joker, "all part of the plan." i dont presume to know that plan, but i believe there is one.

and yet i upvoted. why? because it's funny. too many times, atheists (and i'm not saying all atheists. i'm not bigoted.) expect us to respect them while at the same time, insulting our religion. (yes i realize that catholics do this too, but not all of us. thats the same problem) none of them seem to realize that religion is just one of someone's defining characteristics. god i'm sick of the God/no God debate. why can't people believe what they want?

dag says...

Of course I would remember you! You realize I live on the Sift like 18 hours a day? 19 my SO would tell you ...

In reply to this comment by Dignant_Pink:
Homie, i gotta say, you commenting on my first dwigger post (dweet? whatever.) really gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling about how, even though i'm less than active here on the sift, i'm still a member of the community. i must say, i wasn't sure you knew i even existed. kudos, bro.

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