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Comments to BoneRemake

bareboards2 says...

Every time I see a bunny, I think of you. And Baxter. Hoping you both are well.

And that happens a lot, because I have a FB buddette who constantly posts photos and vids of bunnies.

bareboards2 says...

Thirteen down.

Got my first solid confirmation of gaining strength.

I went to the Starlight Theater last night.

On the third floor of an old Victorian building. Which means the stairs between floors are MUCH longer and steeper than you find in modern buildings.

Usually when I go, by the time I get to the third floor, my heart is pounding and I am gulping for air (I didn't go really slow up the stairs.)

Last night? Some heart pounding. A little out of breath. I don't think anyone could have heard it though, and I could talk without sounding like I was dying.

Yippee for me!

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