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Comments to BoneRemake

enoch says... insult taken and i am rarely offended.

i just wanted to point to something that you may not have considered and hope give you pause to give it a think.

and you did not disappoint.
you rarely do in these cases.
thats one of the things i love about you.

your inspiration is like a firecracker.
dormant till lit...
then boom booom BOOM------>mach 3 speeds.

ah my friend.
it is a joy to behold.

my inspiration has become the old bones who wishes to stay under the covers and sleep another five minutes.

how interesting your choice of words in regards to me.
it is a word i use often to describe life and the meaning thereof.
life is fluid.
emotions are fluid.
thoughts are fluid,even if they appear chaotic at first.

nothing is stagnant,everything is fluid.
to stagnate is to stop growing and to stop growing is to die.
i prefer life and all things fluid.

to understand my perspective is not so hard.
if you strip away my faith in god/higher power/creator/higher consciousness what you would have left is humanist.

i am a sophian gnostic.
my faith resides in a belief that everyone carries the spark of the divine.
so to betray you means only i betray myself.
to lie to you is to lie to myself.
to bring harm to you brings only harm to me.

so when i call you brother i mean that literally.
when i sign off with namaste i mean that literally.

my faith is not predicated on you having to believe or agree,nor am i compelled to proselytize to you.which i never anyone.

your path is your own,just as mine is my own.
what a blessing it is that we may share a bit with each other walking down our paths yes?

so is it so confusing to you that i may detest bullying?
or self righteous know-it-alls?
or bigots and racists?
or fight anyone who judges another based on so little information?

because no human should hold dominance over another.
because when they perform such acts they perpetrate them against themselves.(according to my faith and perceptions).

does my commentary make more sense now?

siftbot says...

You just received a gift of 2 Power Points from an anonymous specimen of awesomeness. Spend them well, and make your generous benefactor proud.

enoch says...

i want one.
gimme gimme gimme.

oh.this is for when you wish to introduce yourself:

this song hit me when i saw your first line in your reply.figured you might dig it.
be well brotherman.

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