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Comments to Babymech

lucky760 says...

I wouldn't think too much of it. ant is just very religious and sensitive when it comes to his god.

He's down-voted me for saying much less.

Babymech said:

What is the world coming to when a man is downvoted for the simple act of advocating the murder of God

newtboy says...

Torn between supporting the message of this likely staged video, and... not giving views to the guy who created this video. Yes.

Babymech said:

Torn between supporting the message of this obviously staged video, and... giving views to the guy who staged this obviously staged video?

siftbot says...

Happy anniversary! Today marks year number 7 since you first became a Sifter and the community is better for having you. Thanks for your contributions!

rasch187 says...

Please don't be an asshole over nothing, it's so unnecessary.

In reply to this comment by Babymech:
You are not giving me any reason to be polite - it would actually be demeaning for me to be polite to you. I would feel less than human if I treated you as someone deserving of respect. I'm asking you not to spoil anything in the description (which you can still change, jackass) - I haven't watched the video, obviously, because I'm saving it. The two of you are priceless.

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