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enoch says...

haha..whats up drunky!
you nailed exactly why i post some of the more controversial videos in my que.

i have found that those of identify strongly with one politcial and/or cultural philosophy tend to stick in the same groups,the same spaces and receive their information from the same sources.

this applies to both the right AND the left.
we can use bobknight as an example when he regurgitates almost verbatim the current republican talking points.

but bob is an easy target.

the only thing i have truly been invested in of late is the greg elliot case.who was recently found not guilty and people have been saying its a victory for free speech.

but is it?
the man lost his job and is 100k in the hole for legal fees.

so while people can say this is a victory for free speech.i am less optimistic.some people could look at greg elliots case and decide to shut up if confronted.not make any waves and submit to the threat of legal prosecution.

of course there was a sifter who felt that because the video was from a right wing show,the content was worthless.which is a binary way of thinking that is very limiting,because it judges the speaker before the content and the discussion is ended before it has begun.

so my posting the rape game video was to bring awareness,not make a social commentary,and is also why i provided links to both a left and right take on the situation.

i would rather post a documentary or lecture on the subject,but most people nowadays want their information spoon fed to them in tiny,easy to consume,media bites no more than 5 minutes.

which is damn near impossible.
human interactions,cultures,religions and societies are complex and takes time to unpack all that information and digest the context.

ah well..what can you do...

thanks for your comment and stay awesome brother!

gorillaman says...

Only in the sense that, like the jews, SJWs are a menace that must be ruthlessly opposed and ultimately, happily, exterminated.

I hope you don't find that offensive at all.

Babymech said:

I don't know you, so I have to ask - is that an intentional hint you're giving us that so-called social justice warriors are really Jew vermin? Because that would be fascinating.

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newtboy says...

Did you forget to click sarcasm, or do you deserve my downvote?

EDIT: In case you're serious with "How do you fight political correctness?"... Ignore it.
Keep in mind there's a difference between being non-PC and being a smarmy douchebag, and publicly being a douchebag under the flag of being 'non-PC' doesn't protect you, it just hurts the non-PC 'movement'.

Babymech said:

Man, how is this even an issue in this day and age? The PC crowd at the university campuses can do their thing, and the Mac crowd can do theirs.

(Seriously, totalitarian dictatorships are much less dangerous than political correctness, because you can fight totalitarianism but how would you ever fight political correctness? Between myself and Anne Frank, I'm actually the real victim, because she had the chance to fight the nazis, but I don't even get to call people faggots D: )

artician says...

Always Sunny, Season1 Ep2: Throwing eggs as a sign of protest during an abortion rally...

That is some amazing symbolism, the likes which I've rarely seen. This show is awesome. Thanks for the recommendation!

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