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bamdrew says...

The chairs have been sold around the world since 2006 and no major problems. They aren't for everyone, as many people can cruise around and get on with everything they need to with a small, relatively affordable, convenient Jazzy (or other powered chair) or human powered chair if they're able.

Being able to be eye-level, going up stairs, up curbs, over grass and sand, through shallow water... I personally say the pros outway the cons (price, potentially break down) but you make a good point.
In reply to this comment by hawkinson:
an amazing device, but I have to wonder at the reliability. its a lot more complicated than a segway, think early generation Asimov's, those would fail during demos.

One thing about an unpowered chair, it won't fail and leave you stranded half way up a staircase.

Not that I don't support a mass market roll out, if MS has taught us anything, its to let the people do your beta testing!

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