Weekly Achievements for 08Jan12 thru 14Jan12

#1 Video

POW blinks "TORTURE" in morse code during a forced interview by Hybrid

Sh*t Nobody Says by Zifnab

History Lesson for the History Channel by Grimm

Fox News Guest Accidentally Describes Fox News by messenger

Little Girl Faces Off With A Lion by chck_mate

Beware the Kitteh! by eric3579

Crow goes sledging by moodonia

Wait.......ALL Of That Just So You Didn't Have To....... by Barseps

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Destroys Bill O'Reilly by gwiz665

Oh! The Places You'll Go at Burning Man! by eric3579

Top 15 Videos

Great Commercial, Wait For It... by Zifnab reached #2
A surprise for grandad by RadHazG reached #2
Moonrise Kingdom - Trailer - Wes Anderson by Hybrid reached #2
Zero Punctuation: Top 5 of 2011 by Zifnab reached #2
Pooch vs. Pile Of Leaves - EPIC Win!! by Barseps reached #2
Amazing Chinese Girls Volleyball Rally, Almost 2 Minutes by Zifnab reached #3
Intense Drum Solo Barf - Not one F**k was given! by eric3579 reached #3
The Matrix - Twilight Zone 1985 by bareboards2 reached #3
BUS-RO-DAH! by Shepppard reached #3
McCain (accidentally) endorses Obama at Romney rally by carneval reached #4
Stephen Fry dismantles the Roman Catholic Church by notarobot reached #4
Romney - What Does The Constitution Say? Lets Ask Ron Paul! by Grimm reached #4
Fotoshop by Adobé by dvst8download reached #4
Legalize Marinara by marinara reached #4
Caught On Cell Phone! LA Cop Punches Special Needs Woman by Auger8 reached #4
720 double kickflip 1000 fps slow motion by ZappaDanMan reached #4
5 People Cover Song Amazingly With Only 1 Guitar by JiggaJonson reached #4
Ready, Steady, Go by mintbbb reached #4
Puppy Totally Pumped About Eating by mintbbb reached #4
QI - A Christmas Party Trick With Phone Books by Hybrid reached #4
I would DEFINITELY strip search you by JiggaJonson reached #4
Honest James Bond Theme Exposing Him As An Arsehole. by Barseps reached #5
Oil Lobby threatens Obama by RadHazG reached #5
Coolest Japanese James Brown Ever! by eric3579 reached #5
Reporter demonstrates a slide for the news by residue reached #5
Mini Kart Driver Goes Crazy by mintbbb reached #5
Tech Blackout to Protest SOPA by Skeeve reached #5
Cop Flips Out When Told He Can't Search Car Without Warrant by mintbbb reached #5
Neil Patrick Harris gets humped on The Price Is Right by bareboards2 reached #5
West Point Grad Arrested For Defending Woman Abused By Cops by longde reached #6
Response To Racist Arizona Chick .... Wait for it .... by ZappaDanMan reached #7
The Scariest Waves Ever Surfed by ZappaDanMan reached #7
Vermin Supreme: When I'm President Everyone Gets A Free Pony by ZappaDanMan reached #7
Holy Crap! Slot Car racing has Evolved! by mintbbb reached #8
The Voyager Probes Boldly Go Where None Have Gone Before by ZappaDanMan reached #8
Mitt Romney fights with a reporter by carneval reached #8
Stunned Florida Kayaker Rescues Injured Dog Far From Shore. by Barseps reached #9
TYT - 22,000% rate of return on lobbying investment by messenger reached #9
It's Like Painting Fish In A Barrel by luxury_pie reached #9
Angelina Jolie Look-alike... Looks Like Angelina Jolie by sepatown reached #9
Reddit Clobbers Rep. Ryan Into Opposing SOPA Publicly by Skeeve reached #9
Cute baby sloths take a bath by zombieater reached #9
Problem with that sheddy pussy? by mintbbb reached #10
What happens when a Korean girl group walk into an army base by Hybrid reached #10
TDS: The Elephant in the Room by NetRunner reached #10
You sneaky, sneaky bastard! by zombieater reached #11
Romney: Anyone Who Questions Millionaires Is 'Envious' by NetRunner reached #11
Yoga Arm Balance by Lann reached #11
Ricky Gervais Will Probably Offend Hollywood Again (YES!) by Issykitty reached #12
Oil Spokesperson plays "Spin the question!" by Lumm reached #13
Boxer excited to go for a walk by zomgunicorns reached #13
Ewww! I Mean - Plucking 3 Big Chickens in Less Than A Minute by mintbbb reached #14
Texas Says: Canadian Crime Bill is a Mistake by notarobot reached #15
Obama worse than Bush by Yogi reached #15
30-storey building built in 15 days by Hybrid reached #15

Top Comments

What I got from his Morse code message was 'Enhanced... by honkeytonk73 (33 votes)
All right, I'll say it. Romney's right. I am envious... by HaricotVert (32 votes)
Upvote! ..for the cows at the end.... by GenjiKilpatrick (30 votes)
And my axe!... by Peroxide (26 votes)
what the cop didn't realize is that he could have tazed,... by criticalthud (24 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Wait.......ALL Of That Just So You Didn't Have To....... by Barseps (147 votes)
POW blinks "TORTURE" in morse code during a forced interview by Hybrid (110 votes)
History Lesson for the History Channel by Grimm (102 votes)
Sh*t Nobody Says by Zifnab (99 votes)
Fox News Guest Accidentally Describes Fox News by messenger (98 votes)

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