For the record (Blog Post)

Shirt arrived. 240 grams, Size M. Envelope had to get a Ceasarean section but is well and recovering fast.

If there is ever a second edition I will get a size S. (or gain 50 pounds) Thinking about taking the family camping for the weekend as it sleeps two.

Thanks Santa Dag!



1+1 = 3 (Blog Post)

We have recently found out that there is a little sifter on the way for us, due next spring.

To honor these wonderful news I have decided to fill my entire queue with baby videos! (And one leftover clip of the german coach behaving like a kid...) Hope there is no "twin" posts...

Don´t know whether its a boy or a girl yet, but feel free to leave name suggestions for me to ignore below.  

>exit stage left to charge sleep batteries for next year

Edit: Due to an unforeseen save (that I am of course happy about) before I could post the last kidvid my queue now also contains Eddie the Eagle.  


2000 (Blog Post)

Hooray! I just passed 2000 votes and  these guys showed up at my door!

From left to right: Hans, Heidi, Helga, Horst

VideoSift User Poll (Blog Post)

I thought I would dig a little deeper into the brains of this community with a little poll. I came up with a few questions, in random order and just from the top of my head. It is all anonymus, so feel free to be honest!

Please do not take it too serious. We will see if this produces any interesting results.

Have fun!


Click Here To Vote! and here to view the results

PS: I created this at in case you want to do your own.

I don´t believe in Global Warming! (Blog Post)

Can´t find this on YouTube (just an out of sync version) or
any other supported site yet, so I am posting it here and calling first dips!

This clip was done by Sheldon Lieberman from Australia
and won the Audience Award at the Webcuts Festival in Berlin 2007

There was some pretty good other stuff in the official selection. Go check it out!

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